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How Escrow Can Go Wrong in a Real Estate Transaction


Most buyers and sellers of real estate know the basics of escrow. A third party holds onto the money for a purchase as well as the title to the property. It establishes a commitment between the two parties to a property deal. However, there are many areas where an escrow holding … [Read more...]

New Workers’ Compensation Law Aims to Prevent Gender Discrimination

Workers  Compensation Law Aims

It is no secret in the employment arena that females are often discriminated against in terms of pay, benefits and other ways. But the California legislature just passed a law that is designed to protect women from discrimination in some situations involving workers’ compensation … [Read more...]

Recognizing Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

One of the many types of injuries we cover at Lavaee Law Group are traumatic brain injuries, which we frequently see with victims of auto accidents, slip and fall incidents, and most commonly, motorcycle accidents. If you have been in one of these types of accidents and have … [Read more...]