Changes to Workers’ Compensation in California

Workers compensation California
Since Californian legislation revamped and updated the law affecting workers’ compensation, there have been many changes that have occurred since January 2013. Governor Brown approved the changes that have been implemented to help employees and employers. The following is a brief of the most significant changes.

Benefits Increase for Permanently Injured

Any employee who experiences an on-job injury that results in a permanent injury will be eligible for increased benefit amounts. The amount increases are due to a more efficient workers’ compensation system and improved procedures.

Changes to Independent Medical Review (IMR)

The procedures for how benefits are distributed and protocols for appealing negative decisions have been modified. The most radical change involves the utilization of an independent medical review board. Under the old system a treatment doctor could be delayed by a utilization review that could last for months. Often injured employees would go without medical attention while awaiting the results of the utilization review. The doctor’s treatment suggestions can be denied by the review, which would require the worker to enter the tedious process of gaining access to a qualified medical examination or getting an agreed medical examination.

Now the qualified medical examination and agreed medical examinations are not required. All disputes are handled by an independent medical review board. The review board are individuals who have no conflict of interests with either side of the dispute. Beginning in July of this year (2013), all workers will have the independent medical examinations regardless of when they were injured. This change is useful to any class action attorney in Beverly Hills involved in cases proceeding July 2013.

There are a number of other updates to the California Workers’ Compensation system. Contact a local workers compensation attorney in Beverly Hills at the Lavaee Group for additional information concerning specific details that may affect your case. or contact us at 888.979.7978